Top-Down Arcade Blaster Death Carnival coming next year

If you are still tired of blood sports in the future, then next year will turn out to be a good year for you. Why? Because Death Carnival is coming to the Play Store.

The game features a variety of modes ranging from campaigns and story-based co-op to frenetic team-fight PvP. It also looks pretty neat.

It is set to be played and developed on multiple platforms, though whether that will come to Android is yet to be confirmed. Here’s a trailer to give you some idea of ​​how much violence to expect.

You’ll be able to customize your payload with special weapon sockets, and different characters have different skill sets you can exploit. There are four co-op players.

Basically, there’s a lot going on, whether it’s massive boss battles or immersing yourself in game content. And it looks pretty neat too.

We don’t have a specific release date for Death Carnival yet, but you can learn more about it – and sign up for future beta tests – by visiting its official website right here.

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