The 25 best Android board and card games of 2021

It is a cliché to say that we are living through a golden age of board games.

The mystery is why playing games on your smartphone or tablet seems to offer a cheaper and more flexible alternative to carrying the box to your friends’ house every Friday night.

But far from killing board games, smart devices have taken them to greater heights than ever before, infusing them with new life and introducing a whole new generation of fascination. their society.

Of course, there’s currently no schlepping and no social activity of any kind, so we’ve put together this helpful list of the best board game experiences on mobile devices. action to help you through.

The 25 best board games on Android

An engaging and addictive mix of TCG and CCG with several strategies around to get a good measure. It’s really well put together, it’s easy to understand and you’ll be immersed in it for hours of your life.

With Agricola Revised Edition, Asmodee took the baton from Playdek to give this award-winning farming board game a new life. Suitable for up to four players, it sees you setting up a farm after the famine in Central Europe in the late Middle Ages. It’s FUN!

Highly topical at the time of writing, Pandemic is the rarest of all: a board game with no goals. Instead of trying to crush your opponents, the aim is to team up with three other players to prevent and defeat a pandemic as it spreads across the globe. The interface has been criticized on mobile devices, but it’s worth a try because of the unique gameplay.

Ticket to Ride is one of the most popular and acclaimed board games of the 21st century, having won, among other awards, the coveted Spiel des Jahres in 2004. The gameplay is pretty straightforward. – simply place trains on the board to create routes between USA. city ​​- but as the board fills up the complexity increases.

Named game of the year by many critics, Small World 2 is an excellent fantasy board game. The intent is to expand, and you’ve got a perfectly recreated map to carve out your master plan as you move to conquer other territories while defending your own. It’s like Risk, but with the added complexity of different unit types and it’s tricky.

7 Wonders is perfect for short, fast, rambling gaming sessions. Its deck building gameplay takes you through three eras as you try to build your chosen civilization through a combination of building, fighting etc. The aim is to accumulate victory points and you have You can get them the way you want, creating a flexible, accessible experience.

Evolution is a glorious concept. The game sees you collecting cards that have evolved traits on them, determining if your animal population has long necks (and therefore more access to food), Hard Shells (and thus strong defense) or whatever. You’ll then need to see how these traits evolve in the wild relative to rival animal populations, with a bit of chaotic randomness thrown in.

This movie is set in an alternate history of World War I and features giant steam-powered robots. It’s not all about blowing things up, though – it’s a deep 4X strategy game that requires you to control every aspect of your empire.

An award-winning board game, Galaxy Trucker is proud to be the recipient of multiple perfect scores, an award double and numerous accolades. A very accessible two halve game, it sees you build a spaceship and then take it on a journey through space. Galaxy Trucker boasts simultaneous local and online multiplayer.

Originally created by Wizards of the Coast and brought to mobile by Playdek, Lords of Waterdeep has some serious pedigree. And it shows. This perfect turn-based strategy game for up to six players is loved by critics worldwide and boasts local and online multiplayer. No wisdom.

Colt Express is a super fun board game that sees you set up a 3D model of a train and play out a scenario involving some competing bandits. This mobile adaptation is everything a mobile adaptation should be, takes the DNA of the original and enhances it with all that mobile has to offer, includes a single-player campaign and both local and online multiplayer. Yeeehaw!

Neuroshima Hex is a popular Polish board game that sees you take command of one of four armies competing to rule the world after a brutal 30-year war. It’s kind of like a Post-Apocalyptic Risk, and the mobile portal boasts three different levels of AI difficulty, in-game instructions, and a solid overall interface.

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Exploding Kittens is a fast-paced card game from the people behind popular webcomic The Oatmeal. It first hit the headlines as the most successful Kickstarter project ever. It’s a bit like Uno, but with more card-stealing, more irreverent, and of course, exploding kittens. It’s also packed with original art, and the digital version comes with its own unique tags, so there’s a reason to download it even if you’re not locked out.

A trusted staple in the modern tablet scene, Settlers of Catan is a square-based board game in which you must lay out hexes, establish settlements, trade, protect defend your territory against invaders, etc. Catan Universe is a free cross-platform pack of Catan versions and expansions. You can pay to unlock content, but there’s a lot of free stuff here – not a bad price for one of the best board games of all time.

Race for the Galaxy is a complex yet intuitive board game in which up to four players play cards to advance their empire by investing in technological advancements, colonizing planets, etc. These cards are secretly chosen, revealed, and played out, just like the moves in Colt Express. This is a solid mobile port of a deep game, with expansions available as IAPs.

Through the Ages is one of the most acclaimed board games ever. It shows you are building a civilization through the media over time, starting as a small tribe and ending up being up to you. The portable port doesn’t boast too many bells and whistles, but it successfully transfers the great gameplay of the original to the small screen and adds a compelling guide to good measure.

Raiders of the North Sea is a worker placement game that lets you play on the dark side, as a Viking bandit looting settlements and gaining the favor of your bloodthirsty leader. The game’s gameplay is perfectly balanced, with countless decisions to be made and factors to consider as you scour North ruining the lives of your hapless victims. It’s also an exemplary portal, bringing the original’s distinctive artworks to vibrant life.

At the age of six, Paperback was a relatively young player in the world of gambling games. It is also a complete original. The premise is that you’re a writer trying to write crappy novels. In terms of the game, this involves generating words, collecting points based on those words, converting those points into cash and using it to buy more valuable alphabet cards to craft more valuable cards. It’s like Scrabble meets Splendor, and it’s awesome.

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Sagrada has a beautiful premise. Literally. The goal of the game is to create the most beautiful stained glass window. In practical terms, that means filling your window with dice of different colors and obviously numbers, depending on a variety of conditions. Dire Wolf Digital has done a solid job at porting the game to mobile, and it’s one of the most original and fun board games you can play on handheld.

Hive, by John Yianni (and ported to mobile by JB Chaubet) is a bit like Go. It’s a simple, two-player game in which players take turns placing hexagonal bricks with insects on them, in order to encircle the queen bee and win. Each insect has its own rules of movement, like pieces in chess, creating a profound tactical challenge. The mobile version features online multiplayer, as well as pass and play, and loads of other modes and options. It’s also free.

Even if you’ve never played the game of Risk, you know it all: global domination through merciless and implacable occupation. Risky: Global Domination takes Hasbro’s classic board game and runs it through the luxury cycle-o-matic mobile game. It looks great, comes with additional maps and modes, several multiplayer options, AI matches, and more. Also, the initial download is free.

Lantern: Harvest Festival feels so much like a native mobile game that it’s hard to believe it started out as a board game. It sees you laying bricks to create sets of floating lanterns on the ceremonial lake. Dire Wolf Digital has done a great job of transforming this critically acclaimed game into a slick, smooth mobile gaming experience.

Having won several awards for both the physical and digital versions, Eight Minute Empire is a compact civilized game with a focus on speed. Playable with up to four opponents, the game sees you trying to control territory while keeping an eye on your gold reserves. There’s online multiplayer, both real-time and asynchronous, and a bunch of other modes besides.

Originally designed by mighty Reiner Knizia and brought to mobile devices by Dire Wolf Studio, Yellow and Yangtze is the sister game to Tiger and Euphrates. It shows you placing hex bricks to develop your civilization and go to war with your neighbors. In the process, you will need to balance soldiers, farmers, artisans and several other types of units. It’s a classic game, perfectly converted.

Zombies have even invaded the world of board games in recent years. This is a carnival of bloody carnage that sees you work through a series of different scenarios in a zombie wasteland. And it’s pretty awesome.

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