Play your favorite games on the big screen; Learn how to connect Gamepad to Android TV

Android TV boxes are getting more and more powerful all the time. They can handle more and more demanding games thanks to the multi-core CPU and graphics processor. And, because the Google Play store is full of game apps, the Android set-top box is a low-cost, high-capacity alternative to traditional, high-priced consoles and games. Expensive play.

One of the best features of Android TV is the wide range of pairing options available to consumers. One of the many pairing options available on Android TV is a godsend for gamers. Players can connect the gamepad to their TV for an immersive big-screen gaming experience. Let’s see how you can connect your gamepad to your Android TV.

How to pair Bluetooth gamepad with Android device?

Open Settings > Connected devices > Connection options > Bluetooth > Bluetooth > Connect a standard Bluetooth controller to Android once you’ve paired your new device, follow the onscreen steps to do make your controller discoverable. Check the manual for the correct button combination or look for a specific Bluetooth button.

If you have a PlayStation 4, you can connect an existing Dual Shock controller to your Android TV. Just follow the steps below:

  • To enter pairing mode, press and hold the power buttons on your controller at the same time. Behind the controller, the light will start flashing
  • Go to Settings on your Android TV, then select Add accessories from the Remotes and accessories options
  • Android TV will search for Bluetooth accessories in the area. Select Wireless Controller to connect your PS4 controller to your TV

If you can’t pair your gamepad with Android TV

Step 1: Try to pair your Gamepad again

  • On your Android TV, tap the bottom right button
  • Press and hold Back Back + Power Power for 5 seconds
  • If your Gamepad does not appear on the screen, use the remote to select it from the list

Step 2: Turn on your Android TV and Gamepad again

  • In 10 seconds, unplug your Android TV
  • Replace the plug
  • Remove the battery compartment from the back of your Gamepad in 5 seconds
  • Put the battery compartment back to its original position
  • Re-pair your Gamepad if necessary

Step 3: Go back to factory settings on your Android TV

  • Factory Reset Your Android TV
  • Re-pair your Gamepad if necessary

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