Overrogue is a floor-building RPG from Kemco, pre-register now

There are many Kemco games on the Play Store, and when a new game comes out, it usually follows the same pattern as the others. On the other hand, Overrogue seems to be going its own way. And it’s a pretty neat looking road.

The game features the usual RPG traps, but this time you’re building a deck of cards and using them to fight monsters in turn-based tactical battles.

There are roguelite shades here and over 300 different cards to collect as you play. So each deck you build will be different from the previous one.

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There are also treasures to collect, which can give you an extra boost when you need it most. And, as you can tell, everything is presented in a pretty awesome 16-bit aping art style.

You can pre-register for Overrogue on the Play Store by clicking here. We think it will be quite a treat when it launches in the not-too-distant future.

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