Learn all about Fort Wars and the Christmas Festival

Like any decent video game organization, Camel Games’ War and Order is throwing a Christmas party this year.

Dubbed the Christmas Masquerade, the event will give you the chance to complete some fun quests, hang up some decorations, and earn a ton of absolute carnival rewards.

We’ll provide full details on the Christmas Festival War and Order in a bit. First, here’s a rough outline of the game for those who haven’t started yet, plus a deeper dive into one of our favorite features: Decisive Non-festive Fort Wars.

War and Order

War and Order is a strategy game with elements of tower defense and city building. Set in a fantasy universe of orcs, elves, wizards, monsters, and medieval architecture, it sees you having to battle – what else? – conquer the world.

Of course, you will fight. War and Order boasts massive real-time PvP battles where the aim is to crush your opponents on the battlefield and sink their castles, allowing you to claim their resources in turn and Earn critical rating points.

Between PvP battles, you can face giant monsters that roam the landscape, looting their corpses for treasure.

War and Order also has a rich alliance system that allows you to build and fight alongside your other players. Joining an alliance means defeating enemies and holding castles you can never defeat or keep alone, so it’s well worth signing up.

Not least because you can only participate in Fortress Wars if you are in an alliance.

Fortress War

This massive alliance event takes place over four months and eight epic battles. It sees you battling your fellow members for the supreme honor of capturing a cluster of majestic fortresses in the distance.

To join, you must belong to an alliance with enough combat strength, and only the top can join the army.

The cool thing is that your troops cannot die in these battles and the wounded will automatically heal after each contest ends, ensuring that you won’t have to use up your War and Command resources. often to participate in the Fortress Wars. You can just have fun.

The battlefield in Fortress Wars is made up of territories, each with a fortress. To capture a fortress, you need to defeat both the NPC army and the other player’s army. If you can do that, you will score points depending on your rank at the end of the season.

There are also four Tiers: New Knight, Pioneer Knight, Legendary Knight and War Knight. As you accumulate season points, you will climb the tiers, earning progressively better rewards.

Fortress war tips

So how can you thrive in the demanding world of Fortress War?

Firstly, teamwork is everything. The most successful alliances are those that function as a single almighty unit, with no stray players doing their own cannon things. This means having a strong leader who can deal with personnel management, the uncertainty of NPC attacks, and other players’ strategies.

Next, you need to approach the strongholds deliberately and rationally. Kill NPCs and/or enemy troops first, before deciding which lord you will leave behind to fortify the stronghold once you’ve moved on. Your empty stronghold does not stay long.

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The remaining lords must always try to defeat and capture the highest level strongholds possible. And once you’ve captured the stronghold, you need to think hard about how to deploy your forces. In a level 5 stronghold, you should keep your main force behind to defend it and send the rest of your troops away to cause trouble elsewhere.

Good luck!


And now, as promised, here are the details of the War and Order Christmas Carnival.

It all starts with a prelude that, like any good carnival prelude, features T. Rex. This T. Rex has stolen Santa’s sleigh and all the presents stored on it, so you need to help save Xmas by completing the missions.

If you’re lucky, you’ll also get a pair of scissors to open special reward chests.

After the prelude is the Christmas party. This involves going to the login page every day for a reward, with a special surprise for the lords who complete all of their daily logins.

There are also bounty bonuses available for lords who log in three times, ten times, 18 times and 25 times. These include Birthstone Chests, Star Sources and Rare Resource Chests – so well worth the effort.

Finally, there’s Carol Christmas. This part of the Christmas Festival event will get you into the snow-covered carnival by decorating the Christmas tree with Christmas Candy and Christmas Lights.

The more decorations you throw up, the more points you earn. You can spend these points on a variety of luxury items in the game.

Also, for a limited time, only you can access the Christmas Trade-in Shop, where you can exchange scrolls for items that are hard to earn through the regular game.

That is a miracle! To participate, visit the Google Play Store or the App Store by clicking here to download War and Order for free now.

There’s a gift code you can redeem to get you through the game – just go to Settings > Exchange Packages > and enter droidgamers2112. You have until January 23 to redeem this reward, so let’s get started!

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